Why use ns killer ?

Trusted by growers and industry professionals a like, NS KILLER keeps at the top of low cost effective pest control.

Made from specially blended plant extracts, it is harmless to children and pets and safe to use on edible fruit and vegetables as well as ornamental plants from seedling to harvest.

Spidermite Killer will not harm beneficial insects. This means that insects that are introduced as biological controls or naturally occurring can carry on working almost without interruption.

Spidermite Killer is completely safe, leaving no harmful residues, evaporates while suffocating and eliminating your pest infestations.

Use Spidermite Killer as part of your “Plant Care Program” to achieve the best results from your house, garden and greenhouse.


Our Products

Spider Mite Killer

Concentrate that makes
4 Gallons

Over $40 Savings

Spider Mite Killer

Concentrate that makes
1 Gallons

Spider Mite Killer

32 oz Spray Bottle

Ready To Spray


I Started using NSK for the first time i cant believe that works I been struggling whit Spidermites already for 4 years 

I have tried so many deferent types of pesticides none of them have done the job like this i only sprayed it one time

and its gone I highly recommend this product to all medical cannabis growers like me try it you wont regret it.