I Started using NSK for the first time i cant believe that works I been struggling whit Spider mites already for 4 years 
I have tried so many deferent types of pesticides none of them have done the job like this i only sprayed it one time
and its gone I highly recommend this product to all growers like me try it you wont regret it. 









I went to the hydro store in North Hollywood after my friend told me he tried it and worked for him so I went  to get the NSK for my plants in February  of  2018  I been getting Spider mites already 2 times since I started growing in 2017 nothing was helping so far till I tried NSK its  wonderful I only sprayed it only 2  time so far its clean I haven't 

seen those nasty little pests killing my beautiful trees.










I been growing over 6 years I have seen my share of Spider mites I truly recommend the NSK  from my experience one of the  best Spider mite killers  I have used I only sprayed ones and it stopped them from coming back usually whit other products I had to spray so many times to get ride of the pests even many times it never helped but NSK did the job for sure.


                                                                                        ED FROM SUNLAND, CA,







The struggle is over finely something that works on those pests best s..t NSK I recommend get yours and you will be happy for sure.


                                                                                             EDWIGE FROM HOLLYWOOD, CA,